Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Creating our Maori Pendants

When we studied the Cultures of New Zealand topic we made Maori Pendants during art.

The Maori symbols we used were the Koru, the Fishhook, and the Pikorua. The Pikorua is the traditional symbol for friendship and growth and represents cultures growing together.

We practised rolling and making shapes with playdough before we used the clay.
We used photos of the Maori Symbols we were focusing on to help us form the clay to get the right

We let the clay dry before we painted it.
We practised plaiting with wool but it was too hard for us to plait the flax for the necklace so Carol
did it.

Our results are fantastic!


Fiona Grant said...

Looking at your pictures I can see you have tried very hard to create your pendants, well done.

Wilson James Karime Balzer AhMu said...

That was a beautiful art work! I love to see how concentrated they were while making it! We'll done kids! Beautiful!

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